Morni is an interactive platform that provides roadside assistant services in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Countries through a smart-phone application. Morni currently provides its services to both individuals and corporations.

Morni Services

Morni app offers the following services:

Battery Service & Replacement
Tire Change and Repair
Gas/Fuel Delivery

Why Choose Morni

When vehicles breakdown on the road, drivers face many difficulties contacting a roadside assistant provider to help repair or move the vehicle. Some of these difficulties are: finding a nearby provider, describing the exact location, and waiting long period of time for a provider to arrive.

With Morni, simply choose the desired service from our smart phone app. Then Morni will find a nearby service provider with the desired service and dispatch him to your location. With Morni, you will receive a fast, high-quality service with affordable prices.

Free App

Morni is a 100% free app that doesn't require payment of any kind.

Easy to Use

  1. Register quickly with your phone number
  2. No credit card required
  3. Pay after receiving the service

Fast Service

All service requests are instantly processed and fulfilled electronically

Use it anywhere & anytime

We don't have working hours. We are available 24-hours to provide you with the best services possible and we are working to improve our services in Saudi and the gulf region.

Professional Service

We choose our service providers carefully to ensure constant high quality services. We are partnering with the nation's top service companies that have extensive experience in the field with the best customer service ratings.

Need Help?!?

Morni app is with you wherever you are

Morni Partners